REAL a Gastropub

by - 6/29/2014

I always end up eating at the same places whenever I go back to Oahu. This time, I wanted to go somewhere I'd never gone before. Gastropubs are  becoming a big thing in Hawaii, so my friends and I went to check out Real a Gastropub. 

The staff was really knowledgeable. We told our waiter what kind of beer we liked, and he suggested something pretty spot on. I'm down for trying new beers, and this place has no shortage of them. They change it up pretty frequently, and it's beer that you can't get if you just went to a regular bar or restaurant. 

The food there was unreal. It's kind of like tapas style, where they're small portions. So if you like one thing a lot, you should probably get two to share with everyone. 

That's some homemade maple bacon, ahi poke, pickles with some really extremely hot peppers on it, and shishito peppers with bleu cheese. We added on chicken and waffles with fries as well as deviled eggs, which is right in the middle. They were breaded and deep fried and amazing. I think that's what is most popular on the menu.

Chicken 'n' waffles
By far the best thing we ate was poutine, something I'd always wanted to try. It was fries with gravy and some meat, with a nice runny egg on top. So delicious.

 But of course, the best part was hanging out with friends that I don't get to see very often. Cheers!

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