Wholly Deep Ink Brow Review

by - 11/13/2017

The Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow is a brow stain that both stains and keeps your brow hairs in place. It's like getting a stain and a brow gel all in one! It retails for $12.99 and is 8g of product. I got this product in my October Beauteque BB Bag and it came in the shade No. 2 Soft Brown. I think there are only two shades; this one, and No. 1 Deep Brown. So if you have black brows or blonde brows, you're out of luck in the shade department. 

It comes in the iconic Peripera ink dropper bottle packaging, just like the lip tint. But unlike the lip tint, it comes with a brush applicator, which reminds me of a nail polish brush. 

I have pretty dark brown hair, but decided to give this a go. Upon application, it looks really, really light. I knew after this that there was no way this was going to match me. I wondered if it would even be visible on my brows.  

It was recommended that you use an angled brow brush to apply the product, but I didn't know that at the time and I just applied it using the applicator it comes with. 

After applying it on my brows, it was visible, but it was definitely too light for me. It didn't cover my brow hairs the way a brow mascara does, which would have maybe made the product okay for me if it did that. I let it dry for about two minutes before taking a cotton pad dampened with water and running it once across one of my brows. 

Barely anything came off! I decided to go over the same brow one more time, but more vigorously back and forth a few times. 

I was very impressed! After all this rubbing, my brows were still on. 

The product came off easily with makeup remover. I did not wear it the entire day, but I feel that it has pretty long lasting power and would stay on all day, as long as you're not rubbing your brows all the time. I think if I had the darker shade it might look better on me. I would consider buying this product if I could see the darker shade in person first. 

  • Easy to apply
  • Cute packaging 
  • Stain is removable at the end of the day
  • Good staying power
  • Keeps brow hairs in place 

  • Only comes in two shades
  • Kind of smelly
  • A little bit pricey 
  • Not the greatest applicator, especially for thin, crisp lines

The bottom line: this product stains your brows temporarily, has great staying power, and is removable at the end of the day. It also keeps your brows in place. If you have the money to spend on it, I think it will be worth your money, but that is if this comes in your shade. I hope in the future they come out with a bigger shade range!

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