Leahlani Bless Beauty Balm Review

by - 10/23/2017

Leahlani Skincare is an incredibly popular indie beauty brand made right here on Kauai, where I'm from. It is beloved by numerous magazines, and if Oprah still had a talk show, I'm sure it would be one of her Favorite Things. According to the website, Leah began making her own skincare products because she battled with cystic acne. She dove into the world of holistic skincare with no prior knowledge of skincare, and "set off to create a line of skincare that would transform a 'routine' into a 'ritual.'" She was an esthetician and spa director for many years before beginning her skincare line. 

It's taken me awhile to review any of their products because, let's be real. It's really expensive. Aside from that, I have also been a little apprehensive to dive into the world of all-natural beauty products. I feel like my face won't agree with it. But, while browsing some of the products at Jane, I decided to bite the bullet and go for the Bless Beauty Balm. 

There's 3.0 ml of product in this bottle, and it's going to set you back $48.00. It's pretty steep. 


According to the website, "Bless can be used on all skin types, but is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive and mature skin. If your skin tends lean more on the oily side, start by using the tiniest amount of Bless. Emulsify between your fingertips and gently 'press' into the skin, making sure to dab a small amount around your eye and lip areas." 


"Bless is a nutrient dense silken moisturizer that will soften the skin and deeply nourish the complexion. Infused with nutrient dense, organic and cold pressed oils, Bless will help to reduce inflammation, strengthen and protect your precious complexion."


Organic cold pressed argan oil (Argania spinosa), organic cold pressed camellia seed oil (Camellia oleifera), organic Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), organic cocoa butter (Theobroma Cacao), organic cold pressed maracuja passionflower oil (Passiflora Incarnata), organic cold pressed moringa oil (Moringa Oleifera), organic cold pressed marula oil (Sclerocarya Birrea ), cymbidium grandiflorum orchid extract, wildcrafted blue tansy oil (Tanacetum annuum), neroli oil (Aurantium Dulcis), organic rosehip fruit (Rosa Moschata), rose clay and LOVE. 

How to use: 

"Bless can be used in many ways. For use as a moisturizer, mist your skin with your Leahlani toner and then emulsify the tiniest amount between your fingertips and gently massage into your face, neck  and decollate after applying your serum to help lock in moisture and soften the skin. Allow a couple minutes for your skin to fully absorb Bless before applying makeup. You may also use Bless to help moisturize and repair your lips. 

"Use Bless on any dry areas that need extra TLC. Massage into cuticles and on your decolette at night.

"For use as a cleansing balm, moisten your face with warm water. Emulsify a small amount of Bless in your hands and gently massage into your face and around your eye area. If you are wearing makeup, make sure you give your skin a thorough massage. Remove with a tissue or cleansing cloth that has been soaked in warm water. Follow with a second cleanse with either the Honey Love or Kalima cleansing powder." 

The little info tag on the product said the following: 

"A delicate, silken moisture melt for the skin. Rich, organic butters and exotic oils coalesce together to nurture and bless your skin and lips for an unparalleled softness. The sweet, grounding scent of orange blossom infused with tranquil tansy will calm your mind and uplift your spirit." 

The little tag also came with instructions: "Emulsify a small amount of balm between your fingertips and gently massage into face, neck and decollete after applying serum. Use Bless as a cleansing balm to remove makeup and to soften your lips." It recommends to use the balm one to two times a day. 

The reason I went for the balm is because it said that it can be used to remove makeup, and I am currently obsessed with oil cleansers that do just that. In my mind, this was going to be like the Clinique Take the Day Off makeup removing balm. I was pretty excited about that! 


When I opened the bottle, I was smacked in the face by the smell. It does not, as the tag suggests, smell like "sweet orange blossom infused with tranquil tansy." It straight up smells like dirt, or mud, or roots, or something. My nostrils were assaulted. The closest scent in my opinion is ginseng. That's what it's most like. It almost gave me a headache, the scent is that strong. It's deceiving, because the balm itself is such a pretty blush color, I expected it to smell like roses, or at least something a little more floral. 

Again, thinking it was going to be like the Clinique balm, I took a generous amount and slathered it all over my face. Clearly, I did not read the instruction side of the tag. It melted really nicely and really quickly, and felt really, really nice on my face. That is until I tried to wash it off. It does not wash off. I actually started to panic a little bit. Water did nothing, an actual cleansing oil did nothing, and face soap did nothing. I gave up and relented. The feeling it left on my face was just oily. Soft, but oily. The next night I decided to try it again but to actually follow the instructions. I took a tiny amount and put it on my face after the rest of my skincare routine. It felt really, really soft, but I still felt like it was really getting into my pores and clogging everything. But I decided to go with it because you never know how a product will really affect your skin until you use it for at least two weeks, right?

The next day, I broke out in horrible acne. 

So here I am, with this $48.00 bottle of balm that I can't use on my face. But luckily for me, it can be used in a lot of different ways! My hands and feet are always the driest parts of my body, so I decided to continue using it there. And I tell you what...this balm is doing wonders for my really dry feet. It melts down into this smooth, luxurious feeling oil and coats everything. It does stay pretty oily, but only for a little while. It eventually sinks into the skin and dries down a bit, leaving the skin feeling really smooth. After two weeks of use, my feet feel soft, the rough parts are significantly softer, and it stops any peeling that I have. On my hands, I really feel like it sinks in and moisturizes, especially in the cuticle area. 

  • Totally natural products
  • No chemicals 
  • A little goes a long way
  • Great for dry skin 
  • Can be used on different parts of the body 
  • Expensive
  • Small amount of product for the price 
  • Unpleasant smell 
  • Bad for oily skin
Like it eludes to on the website, this product is better for drier skin. If you struggle with dry skin on your face, I think you'll really like this balm. If you're like me and you have really oily/combination skin, don't use this on your face. Or, use sparingly, only a few times a week. Definitely do not use it 1-2x a day as it suggests on the tag. And don't be afraid to use it on any other parts of your body that needs a little extra moisture! In fact, it might better on other parts of the body, depending on what you need. Will I be repurchasing this product again? No, because it is way too expensive. But it was a nice little treat for myself! 

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  1. I love your honest review on this product! I had been using this product as a moisturiser for awhile and it just doesn't quite agree with my combination skin and I was thinking of using it as a cleansing balm till I stumbled upon your review. Like you, I really enjoyed using Clinique Take the Day Off makeup removing balm and I can't get enough of it! LOL. Have a good day!


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