Cosmetics on Kauai Series: K-Mart

by - 4/25/2017

K-Mart's cosmetics section is much smaller than Walmart. It's basically condensed into four short aisles and one long wall. What I like most about Kmart is that they carry Milani Cosmetics, which I can't find at Walmart. Their sections are also well-stocked, unlike Walmart. It's just very small and compacted together. 

Before Walmart carried, it, K-Mart had the most E.L.F. products. They carry both tools and makeup, but seem to be just slightly pricier than Walmart.

There was a really large section for Covergirl mascara. Not so much variety as there was quantity, though.

There is a small Wet n' Wild section that had some items that they didn't have at Walmart, like the Coverall Pressed Powder, color correcting wheel, and foundation. Walmart didn't carry any of the Coverall line. There was a lot of nail polish.

Kmart is one of three places on the island that carries Milani. Their section is decent, but honestly I haven't seen anything here change in like a year.

Large L'oreal section
 The L'oreal section is large, but doesn't carry all of the Infallible line.


K-Mart carries the following brands: 
  • Revlon
  • Jordana
  • Milani
  • Almay
  • L'oreal
  • Maybelline
  • Covergirl
  • NYC
  • Rimmel
  • Wet n' Wild
  • E.L.F.

The largest section belongs to Revlon, followed by Covergirl, which is almost the same size, Maybelline, and L'oreal. There are medium sized sections for E.L.F., Rimmel, and Wet n' Wild, and small sections for Jordana, Milani, Almay, and NYC.

Ease of Browsing:

The aisles are small and few, slightly cramped, and poorly lit. Some areas are labeled, but are done so incorrectly. The space between aisles are nowhere near as wide as Walmart's. The size of the department is actually pretty disappointing, but it's not a hot mess the way Walmart's is, and the shelves aren't bare. 

On Trend:

I've seen the same items at K-Mart for at least a year. As you could see with the Wet n' Wild section, there isn't a whole lot of updating. However, if you look at the ends of the aisles, you'll often find the newest items. K-Mart was the first place on the island to carry the Milani Lip Trio items, which is easily missed because it's nowhere near the actual Milani section. They also carry the Wet n' Wild Photo Ready collection. 


Kmart's items are marked up slightly higher than Walmart's, but sometimes there's a great sale, and that's definitely when I take advantage of items from here. 

For example. 

While K-Mart's section is small and cramped, you can find things here that you can't find at Walmart, and they often carry newly released items sooner than other stores. You just have to make sure you look carefully for them. 

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