Beauteque February 2017 BB Bag

by - 4/20/2017

HOLY COW I totally forgot to blog about this bag, so sorry! There's almost no point in blogging about it...but maybe someone wants to know how these products are. I'll try to keep up and do things in a timely manner, I promise!

February's theme was "Love is in the air," very appropriate for Valentine's Day. The items inside where themed pink(ish), which I found cute. 

Total value: $63.98

The bag is super duper cute. I like the shape and I love the houndstooth print!

Bunny Ears Headband ($7.00)

This is a cute headband. It's different in that there's no velcro or elastic, you secure it by twisting it together at the top. I dig it. 

Macaron Hand Cream ($9.00)

This hand cream container is super adorable. It's also a pretty decent size. It came in different colors, and I got the pink one. The small is really nice, like a macaron! It contains sweet almond oil, peony, lily of the valley extract and shea butter. It leaves my hands pretty soft. I'm almost done with it! 

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream ($12.99)

I was really excited to receive another Mizon product! The tube is small for the price, I think. The product itself is a colorless and odorless gel. When I put it on, it just kind of feels like nothing. It doesn't leave any sticky or slimy feeling. I don't have a lot of eye problems so I can't tell you if it works, but I have no complaints. 

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm ($10.00)

Leave it to Tony Moly to give you super adorable packaging. This is a solid lip balm that has a slight cherry scent, and no flavor. It contains honey extract to nourish lips, is colorless and is great to lay down before you put on your lipstick. Best of all, it is SPF 15! 

Annie's Way Jelly Spray ($8.00)

Not gonna lie...spraying anything jelly on my face doesn't sound very nice. I haven't tried this product yet. It's an essence that is meant to soften, tone and moisturize your skin, and can be used as a skin booster and in your normal skincare routine. 

On: The Body Cherry Blossom Nourishing Body Lotion ($16.99)

This is a gigantic bottle of lotion. It contains shea butter, cherry blossom, and rosemary leaf oil. I love that it has a pump, and I do find that it moisturizes really nicely. The scent is not my cup of tea, though. I've never been a huge fan of cherry blossom scented things, even though I do love cherry blossoms.

This was a nice bag. I just didn't realize that I never blogged about it! I had everything ready to go and everything and just...forgot. So sorry! Did you enjoy this bag? Has anyone tried the jelly spray? Let me know down below!

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