Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow Review

by - 3/23/2017

Colourpop had always been a brand that I wanted to try because people rave about their eyeshadows. There is a huge selection of colors, in mattes as well as metallics. I went with metallic shadows for my first eyeshadow haul because I have been really into bright eye looks lately, and haven't been able to get a vibrant look like I imagine in my head. I figured that this would be a great chance to try out Colourpop! 

The unit cartons are cute, simple and clean. 

There's a little reminder of how to store these shadows on the carton. 

The containers are deep, and are 2.1 grams. I'm not sure if that's the total weight, or the weight of the product alone, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was just the weight of the product. If you look at the size of the box, you can kind of gauge how deep the containers are. The eye shadows were only $5.00 each! How crazy is that? It got to me in Hawaii in just over one week, from the day I ordered to the day I received it.

I settled on five shadows: two black shadows with different hues, a purple, a pink, a champagne and a white. I don't know why these pictures came out blurry, but I'm just going to go with it. You can see the color, which is the purpose. 





I Heart This


The swatches look amaaaazing! These are finger swatches: 

So, confession: I had no idea these were creams. I thought they were pressed powders, so I was a little bit worried, because I haven't had very good luck with cremes. All the ones I tried in the past have been hard to apply, didn't blend well, and creased like crazy. I'm glad to say that I didn't have any of these problems with these shadows. They blended well, didn't crease, and stayed really vibrant. 

The first look I tried used Dare, fantasy, Rex, and Tassel. I added Purple Horseshoe from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child glow kit to the inner corners on top of Tassel for some extra glow. 

I feel that the colors blended really well and were as vibrant as I was hoping. I can't get metallic pressed shadows to look anywhere near as nice as this, no matter what kind of product I add to it. I haven't yet tried it over regular pressed eyeshadow, so that is definitely something I need to try in the future. After a few hours of wear I noticed that my lids got a little bit stained, especially from the pink and purple colors, so just be aware. Also, it's much easier to apply this product with your fingers than it is with a brush. I used a brush to kind of blend a bit, but this was mostly all finger application. 

Let's break it down: 

  • Affordable ($5.00 each)
  • A lot of product for the price
  • Many many colors
  • Comes in matte, metallic and neons (!!!) 
  • Quick shipping (to Hawaii)

  • Cremes, which might be hard to work with 
  • Can cause staining 
  • Doesn't work well with a brush 

I really, really love these shadows. They are really fun, add a lot of character, color, and glitter, and are super affordable. Definitely give them a try! 

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