Colourpop Pressed Powders Review

by - 3/28/2017

Colourpop Cosmetics released their first pressed powder eyeshadows in January of this year to much fanfare. Their cream eyeshadows are a cult favorite, but I can understand how people might be a little intimidated to use creams (I know I was). I do love their cream eyeshadows, so I was especially pumped when they came out with pressed powder, since I am most comfortable working with those. 

As of right this very moment, I counted 58 individual shadow colors, four collections containing four shadows, and one remaining duo from their Valentine's Day collection. The colors range from neutrals to greens and blues and reds, and there is a mix of metallic and matte. At the time that I ordered, they included a free holder with a purchase of four or more, with two holders being the limit per order. I'm not sure if they're still having that promotion. The individual shadows cost $5.00 each, which is really good! The pans contain 1.0g of product, which is slightly smaller than a MAC pressed powder, for example (which usually contain 1.3g - 1.5g). For comparison, a MAC eyeshadow will run you around $16.00! On the drugstore end, a Maybelline Expert Wear eyeshadow costs around $3.99 for .08oz, and a L'oreal Colour Riche eyeshadow costs about $5.99 for 3.5g of product. 

The colors I chose for my palette were (from left to right) Locked and Loaded, Silver Lining, Cute Alert, and Come and Get It. I opted for three mattes and one metallic shade. The idea was to create something that I could take on a trip with me, or throw in my purse if I needed something real quick. I appreciate that they have holders available, and I think they're adorable. I just wish they were a teeeeensy bit thinner. Considering how thin the pans are, you'd think that the holder would be thinner than it actually is. 

The pans were slightly thinner than other pans that I have seen. 

Nicely labeled on the bottom with the shade name and the weight. Let's look at some swatches. You'll see two swatches of the same shade. The top swatch is a finger swatch, and the swatch below that is a brush swatch. As usual, I used my Spectrum Collections A07 brush to swatch, cleaning it off between colors with my Color Switch dry brush cleaner from Sephora. No primer was used. 

I was a little concerned after the brush swatches. The finger swatches were really nice and pigmented, but the brush swatches seemed a little lack luster. I was wondering if I would be able to get that great duochrome effect with the metallic shade on my lids with a brush. 

This was the fallout situation. Not bad at all!

I created a look using all of the colors. First, I put down Locked and Loaded all over my lid. Then, I went into the crease with Silver lining, and packed Cute Alert into the outer corners. I finished by putting Come and Get It on the center of my lids. 

All my concerns about the brush swatches went out the window. The shadows are so nicely pigmented, you really don't need to dip your brush in very much to pick up the amount you need. The shadows blend out really nicely, and it's easy to build up color. The concern I had about the duochrome effect showing up was put to rest after I applied it to my lid. It's so beautiful, pictures really don't do it justice. 

I didn't have to use any Fix+ with these shadows, I didn't have to deal with fallout at all, and I didn't have a hard time getting the color to show up. I'm really pleased with the colors that I picked, too. I feel that they go together really nicely. I really don't have any complaints about this product at all, so I'm not even going to bother making a pro and con list like I usually do. These pressed powder eyeshadows are affordable ($5.00!), there are 50+ colors to choose from, and there are palettes available to put them in. The website has free shipping over $30.00 domestic, $50.00 international, and they have sales and promotions all the time! So if you're looking to get some really nice eyeshadows, I highly recommend these!

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