Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review

by - 11/03/2016

Spoilers: This is the best palette I've ever used. For reals. I've had a lot of makeup palettes, and I guess I never really knew what a good one was until I got this. Don't get me wrong, It's not like I'm tossing all my other palettes in the bin. But I'd by lying if I said I wasn't reaching for this one first.

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. It has 14 shades in both warm and cool tones, and contains 11 mattes and three metallics. It also comes with a dual sided brush. The pans are .02 ounces each, and the palette itself cost $42.00. So if you break it down, you are paying $3.00 per shadow, which is really decent. I ordered it off of the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, and it took about a week to get to Hawaii. 

The product comes in mauve-colored box, and the palette's packaging looks exactly the same. 

I do not like this packaging because it is fuzzy. That means that it will get dirty quickly and you won't easily be able to clean it, which kind of grosses me out. I wish it did not have a fabric kind of covering to it. 

But I can deal with that, because look at these colors! If you love matte shadows, this is the palette for you. It's full of cool and warm tones, berry shades, and burgundy shades. I love the orange, rust colored shades, and especially the reds. These shadows also swatch like a dream. The finger swatches are gorgeous, and the brush swatches are also extremely impressive, and there is very little fallout. 

Below I have both finger and brush swatches. I used a spectrum Collections shadow brush and not the brush it comes with. I don't like that brush because I don't feel that it blends or picks up the pigment as nicely as other brushes I have. The first color is a finger swatch, and the identical color below it is a brush swatch. In between colors I cleaned off my brush using my Color Switch from Sephora. I did not use a primer. 

We all know that shadows almost always swatch amazingly with a finger, but sometimes fall flat with a brush. But these went on so smoothly and pigmented with a brush. I was shocked, especially with the metallics, which I find don't swatch as nicely as mattes do with a brush. 

The colors are SO pigmented (how many times can I say that in this post?). I swear I just need to barely tap my brush into the shadows and BAM. Color all over my lids. They blend SO smoothly and so easily. I seriously can't get over how nice these shadows are. I have created so many looks, which I will put below! 

Let's break it down: 

Many shadows
Lot's of mattes 
Good value ($3.00 per shadow)
Minimal fallout
Endless combinations

Fuzzy cover that will get dirty easily
The brush included isn't that great

This is my ultimate go-to palette. It blows every other palette out of the water. The combinations are endless, the colors are gorgeous, pigmented, and blendable. If you are thinking of getting a new palette, this is the one to get. You need this in your life. 

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  1. If the only cons are the brush and packaging, I'm all for this palette! Those deep red-violet and orange shades are making me swoon. Great post!

  2. So pretty in your last pic! I think the only reason why I'm still on the fence is because I don't know what to do with the reds without looking like I have a bruised face. Great review!


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