Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit

by - 9/19/2016

I've been obsessed with cheek highlighters lately, and when I saw the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit, I just had to have it. It's really magical, and makes me think of pretty things like pixies and fairies and mermaids. It looks great on all skin tones:

Photo from Beauty Editer
I purchased this kit for $40.00 from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, since it was not available at I feel like $40.00 is a pretty decent price, considering that these pans are pretty large. You get .90 ounces of product, and the pans are slightly smaller than the other four-pan glow kits. 

First of all, look at this packaging. 

After you remove the sleeve, the inside looks like this. I would have liked if there was a mirror on there, but it's not a huge deal. 

The colors are pretty mystical, like what you would think of when you think of the moon. Blue hues, purples, silvers, and even a green and a pink. They look super muted in color in the palette, but when you swatch them...


Let's see that in motion, please: 

Now the problem I have is photographing this properly. I do not have adequate lighting, and I don't know how the pros do it on Instagram. This is the best I could do. 

On the cupid's bow
It just kinda looks like white powder there, though...

It's been proving difficult to gauge how much you're putting on unless you have amazing lighting. Sometimes I'll put it on and it will look like there's hardly anything there, and then I'll go outside and my cheeks look like the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. So, finding a balance is proving difficult, but I'll get there eventually through trial and error. The type of foundation you use is also important. So far, it sticks best on a liquid foundation that has been set with powder in my experience. 

I'm really pleased with the colors in here. I tend to mix colors often, but the pink one is turning out to be my favorite, and I'm a little iffy about the green. Not sure when I would ever use that, but I'm sure I'll find an occasion. Overall, I'm a big fan of this Glow Kit. I think it's a pretty decent value, and you get a good selection of colors.

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  1. Cool analysis kateri I had assumed those were for eyes not face but u could use for either? Right? Anyway love it descriptions and especially the pics. Mary

    1. You could definitely use it for your eyes. Sometimes I use it in my inner corners, it adds a really nice glow. I definitely would not use it for an entire eye look, though.


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