This Weeks Nails: Nail Tattoos

by - 3/01/2016

I'm still in love with the color that I used on my last nails, so I decided to do it again this week. I didn't want to spend much time on my nails, since I spent hours on them last week, so I opted to try these nail tattoos that I got from Claire's. They're a bunch of gold, silver, and white metallic tattoos that can be used on the nails as well as the skin.

The directions said to hold it against the nail for 20-30 seconds, but I found that it wasn't working well, so I treated it like a normal temporary tattoo and wet it, which worked much better. I also did the same thing on my skin, just to see if it would work, which it did. So, in case I feel like wearing shiny metallic tattoos, I totally can. #goals

Anyway, I put three tattoos on three of my nails on each hand. I accidentally put one on my pinky, when I meant to put it on my ring finger, but I just went with it because it's not a huge deal. In fact, I kinda like that whole reverse-accent finger look.

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