Europe 2001: Switzerland

by - 3/18/2016

Switzerland is pretty much the most beuatiful place I've ever seen. We stayed in this small town called Champeréy. When the bus got to the town, there were children holding a big sign that said "Welcome to Champeréy!" It was really sweet. But on the way there, we saw some amazing scenery!

My future husband harassing me
The one and only picture I have of the town:

It was basically a no-car kind of a place in the main part of town. Across of our hotel (on the left in that picture) was a bar, and there were some retail shops, but nothing much else going on. But we did not care, because we thought it was the best place ever. Our room was on the corner and overlooked the street below, and the mountains in the distance. I can still feel the cool air as I type this! 

The next day, we were told that we were going to see a castle (what is the name of that castle...I can't remember...). Nobody wanted to leave the town! But of course, we went anyway. The castle was, I believe, on Lake Geneva. 

The following day (or was it the same day?) we went up the mountain! We were all really excited because majority of us had never seen snow before. We wanted so badly to play in it! 

The Kauai kids
We all kind of split up and went our own ways when we got to the town. A friend and I bought some gloves and headed up to the snow in a cable car.

View from the cable car. Mont Blanc covered by clouds.
When I saw this view, I got so excited I'm pretty sure I ran down to where everyone else was playing! 

My first snowman! 
I learned some things that day. Jeans and Vans are not appropriate for snow. I saw some kids putting zip lock bags on their feet over their socks! Ingenious, I'll admit. But yes my feet were wet and freezing, but I didn't care!

When we went back down the mountain, there was some sort of festival going on. These guys passed by with huge cow bells!

And that basically concludes Switzerland. This is such a change from my usual photo-laden posts, isn't it? Switzerland remains my favorite place that I visited in Europe. Maybe it's the small town kid in me. 

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