Tanoshii Keeki-ya san!

by - 4/21/2015

Today let's play with the Tanoshii Keeki-ya San kit! Which literally translates to "fun bakery." This kit is for making "soft serve" ice cream treats. 

 The packaging gives you instructions, and things you can cut out to wrap around your cones to make them pretty!

In the kit is: strawberry and vanilla powder to make the cream, a piping bag, sprinkles, cones, and a container for the mixing. 

Add water using the measuring cup provided (just cut it off), and add one cup to the powder.

Now the tricky part, trying to keep the creams on either side of the bag in order to make the swirl.

Sprinkles for decorating!


As for taste...just like the other kits, these are more fun to make than to eat.

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