Easter 2015

by - 4/24/2015

For Easter, my family usually goes to Easter Vigil on Saturday evening. Then we go to brunch on Sunday at the St. Regis Princeville Resort. It is my favorite brunch on the island (and we brunch a lot as a family), and it is also extremely beautiful. We lucked out with really pretty weather that day!

Lucky to live Hawaii!
The buffet had crab legs, shrimp and other sea food, sushi, an omelette station, a pancake station, breakfast foods like fried rice, eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, etc. It also had fancier things like salmon, veggies, different salads, and of course the standard prime rib, among other things.

So there is a method to eating at a buffet. I have perfected this method over the years and find it to be quite effective. Start with the seafood (if you are into that). Crab legs and shrimp first. Avoid sushi, as the rice will just fill you up with empty carbs! Then, move onto the breakfast fare. Eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, bacon, bacon. In this case, I tried the fried rice (even though its rice) because I have never seen it at this buffet before (it was worth it). Then, move onto the "miscellaneous" fare that looks somewhat interesting to try. In my case this time, it was scalloped potatoes, pancakes, some salmon thing (not a fan). Then, top it off with prime rib. I generally skip the salads, too. When you're done with the real food, move on to the desserts! But make sure you have someone (or two or three) to share it all with because the desserts are more for sampling, for me anyway. A taste of this one, a taste of that one. That way if you share, you won't end up wasting. Hey, don't judge. Hashtag fatgirlstatus. 

The desserts were amazing. Here are some shots of the different desserts. I did NOT eat all of this myself! I'd die. There was banana creme bruleé bread pudding, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake, parfaits, macarons, small tarts...it was so tasty! 

Couldn't help myself, the waiter offered me a guava mimosa. Had to do it. 

And for once, Kevin didn't have to eat it and beat it to head to work. Now that he works morning shift, he got to leisurely enjoy brunch, and relax the rest of the day. The way a Sunday should be spent! 

What do you usually do for Easter?

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