Japanese Candy - Kracie Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Gummy Land

by - 3/06/2015

Ever wanted to make your own gummies? Well you can with this kit! this is the Oekaki Gummy Land gummy making kit.

This is what comes with the kit. Powder packets that contained the flavor, a plastic thingie put everything in, and stencils. The stencils are random, apparently. The packaged showed that you can mix stencils from different packs to make different designs. We got a shooting star, flower, airplane and a car. The kit also comes with a little fork/rake to smooth out your powder and take out your gummies. 

What you do first is put the powder from the green packet into the large container and smooth it out. This is what is going to make your gummy. Then, you take the other packets and dump the powder into individual containers, and add water. Then you stir it up till it is all dissolved. The flavors I think were blue raspberry, strawberry and lemon. These mixtures are going to help turn the powder gummy. You are also given an eyedropper (not pictured) to help you mix colors/flavors. Small little containers are provided for the mixing. We made pink, green, purple and a weird black color. 

The first shape we tried was a car, which we made yellow with black tires. Basically what you do is put the stencil in the powder, and drop in some colored liquid. It spreads out and makes it gummy. Then after you let it dry for a few seconds, you take it out of the stencil and put it onto a plate, or wherever you want to put it. 

Through a lot of trial and error, we realized that:

1. The fork was useless for smoothing out the powder.

2. The powder needed to be to the very top of the stencil, leveled off, to look best. As you can see, we have some pretty crippled looking gummies. And...

3. Don't eat it right away. Wait until it completely hardens as much as it can. It is disgusting when it is wet. 

They were chewy like gummies, but not like Haribo gummy. They were actually kind of dense. And when all those flavors mixed together, it wasn't entirely pleasant. I think I disliked the texture the most. Definitely more fun to make than eat. Make sure you keep your stencils in case you get another kit! I was able to make one again with my friends when I got another kit for Christmas, and we made lots of things!  

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