Kracie Popin' Cookin' Tanoshii Osushiya - San!

by - 2/27/2015

Hello everyone! When I was in Japan I picked up a few candy kits that I had seen online. This one is a candy sushi kit, and it was really fun to make! Let's get started.

This kit is called "tanoshii osushiya-san," which basically means "fun sushi shop."

When you open the box, a package with all the goodies in it comes out.

On the package are plates to put your sushi, and guides for how big things should be.

Plates to serve the sushi on

These are the items in the package: 

Everything is grape flavored. There are packets for rice, maguro, tamago, ikura, and shoyu!

This is the container where the magic happens. 

First thing's first. Let's make the rice. This package says "gohan" something (rice), I can't tell because glare. 

Fill water up to the line, and dump in the powder. 

Mix it up, and you got rice!

Let's make tamago! Again, fill water up to the line and add the powder, and mix. 

Do the same for the tuna. Let it sit for a few minutes while it solidifies. I left them in there until I was done mixing everything. 

This is the really fun part, the ikura! With the red mixture, you drop small balls into the container labeled "A" that has a different mixture in it. It makes the drops of liquid firm up really quickly! It's so neat! 

It was so cool I had to take a video of it.

So now you have all the sushi items ready to go. Time to assemble! Use your spatula thingie and cut the tamago and the maguro in half. 

Roll out your "nori." Make two of them! One for the ikura and one for the tamago.

Use the guide!


Don't forget the shoyu! 
So overall, I rather make it than eat it. It tastes like grape, which isn't a bad flavor, it's just a weird psychological thing, eating something that looks like sushi and tastes like grape candy. The textures were also strange. I don't know. But if you see this kit around (might be able to get it at Nijiya market on Oahu, and I know you can get them at Longs in Lihue), get it and give it a try. Make it with your kids, or your friends! It's good fun. 

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