Review: ThirdLove

by - 6/11/2018

Finding the right bra has always been difficult for me. I have a difficult boob shape to fit, but I'm sure that most women out there have a thing or two to say about their own boobs. I don't know any woman that enjoys shopping for bras. It is always a chore, always something that we put off, so we end up wearing the same ratty bra for years because it's the only one that fits right. 

What is ThirdLove?

ThirdLove is a service that takes the stress out of finding a bra that fits you. It has created bras designed around actual women's sizes. They have created their own Breast Shape Dictionary to help you find what type of breasts you have to better find a bra just for you. Their cup sizes range from AA all the way to K cup, with half sizes for A, B and C cups! 

How it works: 

To get started, you answer questions about your breast shape and the current bra size you're wearing. You also answer questions about what your problem areas are, like straps slipping, and gapping in the cups, for example. After you answer those questions, it tells you if you've been wearing the right bra size or the wrong one, and shows you a bra of theirs that it recommends. Once you choose a bra, you place your order. The bra is free to try for 30 days. All you pay for is shipping ($2.99 to Hawaii), and the bra comes relatively quickly, I think within two weeks! If you like the bra, keep it, and they just charge you the price of the bra after 30 days is up. If the bra doesn't work for you and you didn't take off the tag and wear it, I believe it is used again as a bra for others to try. If the tags are removed, or it was returned after the 30 days, the bra is then donated. How cool is that?

My Experience: 

The bra that was recommended for me was the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. It's a very simple bra, which is fine by me. I just need something functional. This bra is supposed to help my gapping problem, and straps slipping. When I tried it on, though, I still had a gapping problem, so the bra didn't look right under my clothes. What a disappointment! I also did not like that the band wasn't very thick. It was a two-prong, whereas I prefer 3-prong. But what I did like is how comfortable that dang bra was. The fabric was really soft, it didn't dig into me, the band fit perfectly, and the straps didn't budge. I think if I had actually worn it for a day, the straps probably wouldn't have fallen down at all. 

So, since the bra didn't fit, I put it back in the box and processed a return. It asks why you are returning it, and if you had any comments about it. I basically selected that it didn't fit right, and there was still boob gapping. I got a very prompt reply to my return process from a fit stylist who saw what my issues were, and suggested another bra to try. If I wanted to just return, I could do that, too. I decided to give it another try. This time, they recommended the 24/7™ Classic Contour Plunge Bra. This bra is SO DANG CUTE! I really, really hoped that this bra would work. But, alas, the boob gapping was even worse than the bra before! But again, it was extremely comfortable and I was very bummed that it didn't work. I processed my return again, and this time they didn't recommend another bra. I sent it off in the mail and my adventure was complete. 

Final Thoughts: 

The bras themselves feel amazing and are great quality. The prices are about as much as you'd pay at Nordstrom, Macy's or Victoria's Secret. I think if you have no idea about your boobs and have never been fitted before, this service is a good starting point. The down side is, you can't grab a bunch of bras to try on at once like you could in a store. If it doesn't fit, you have to send it back and try another one, one at a time.  

I appreciate what ThirdLove is trying to do, and I'm glad that it works out well for some women. But women's bodies are all so different that there are definitely going to be some women that these bras won't work out for, like me. And that's totally okay. I will just stick to what I know, and keep purchasing the same bra that I've been wearing for the past 10 years and hope that they never discontinue it. 

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