This Week's Nails: Holiday Nails

by - 1/22/2018

Sorry I have been so absent! In all honesty, I haven't been feeling the motivation to blog. But I have a lot of things planned right now, so yay! 

I haven't really been feeling the motivation to do nails very much lately, either. I've been switching back to regular nail polish because I'm too lazy to deal with taking off gel polish. And it also makes it easier to do more nail designs, if I feel so inclined. So, let's start with my Halloween nails!

This was actually a gel manicure. Just black, with purple foil. Super shiny and pretty!

This was my Thanksgiving manicure. I tried to hand paint fall leaves, but that didn't go very well. I really liked the matte top coat over the ox blood polish, though. 

My first Christmas manicure started out as blue French tips that I wanted to add striping tape to. But the polish I used was horrible and the tape wasn't sticking. So I took it all off and painted it with a better blue polish, and threw some stickers on it. It doesn't really look very holiday, but...what are you gonna do. I was over it. lol

My second Christmas manicure I went back to gels because I wanted to do a wreath. I also decided to try out a matte rose pattern. I drew a rose in gel and sprinkled it with acrylic powder. It looked really cool but it got dirty quickly. I also messed up the design because i tried to top coat it, but it ruined the design, so I went over it again with gel and acrylic powder and it just ended up fat and ugly. Can't even tell its a rose pattern. Oh, well. At least I know what to do next time!

And just to further illustrate how not into doing my nails I have been lately, I did a third Christmas manicure and didn't even take a proper picture of it. But it was red, and my ring finger looked like a peppermint. 

For New Year's, I did a tan/nude with silver holo glitter. This is probably my favorite manicure. I want to do it in gel so it lasts longer! Which is your favorite?

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