Beauteque July 2017 BB Bag

by - 9/21/2017

The July 2017 BB Bag is themed "Summer Sweets." The items inside were centered around scents and flavors like cherry and honey. Very summery!

Total value: $61.96

LOOK AT THIS. It's a repeat bag, and not only that, it's the really, really ugly bag that I hated the first time. NOW I HAVE TWO OF THEM, OH JOY. 

Exfoliating Spat Mitt ($6.00)

So this is a fun mitt to use with the bar of soap that came in this BB Bag. It gently exfoliates, but I felt like it got kinda gross after I used it and I haven't really used it since. I'll throw it in the washing machine and see if that makes me feel better about it. I hope it's machine washable, I have no idea. It says to just rinse it thoroughly and hang it to dry, but...yeah I don't like that. 

Farm Stay All In One Honey Ampoule ($25.99)

I know that this is a favorite of a lot of K-beauty bloggers! First of all, this bottle is huge. It's going to last a lifetime. It contains honey, adenosine, and niacinamide to help brighten your complexion and plump up fine lines. It says to apply generously and evenly on your face, but I know that some people also mix it into other products as well. 

Wangskin Cherry Foaming Soap ($6.99)

Not gonna lie, I didn't realize people still used bars of soap. I was meh about this product but when I used it in the shower, it smelled soooo nice. Just like cherry candy! It contains jojoba oil, aloe, bulberry, and cactus extracts, as well as hyaluronic acid and squalene. It can be used on both your face and your body, which is nice. I used it with the exfoliating mitt, and it was just okay. I don't like the squeaky clean feeling it left on my skin and it made my skin feel a bit tight afterwards. I didn't use it on my face. 

The Saem Saemmul Candy Lip Tint ($10.00)

Okay. Can we talk about how cute this is? It looks like a little candy! The product contains hyaluronic acid and honey, and smells just like cherries! It does tint without looking streaky, and it's a pretty vibrant color. 

Wonjin Effect 3-Step Honey Bomb Mask ($6.00)

This is a three-step mask that contains royal jelly cream and ampule to soften dry and flaky skin. I have very oily skin, so I haven't used this mask yet, and will probably pass it on to a friend who has drier skin. 

A'Pieu Silicone Mask Cover ($5.99)

I've wanted one of these since I've seen someone buy one like it from Daiso. It really keeps the mask on your face, but it is a bit tight on me since I have a fatter face. Maybe after more use it'll get a bit looser, but I still use it even if it's a bit tight. I like it! 

Overall, I really liked this bag. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the bag was cuter. 

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