This Week's Nails: Seashells

by - 6/06/2017

Seashell nails are all the rage in Asian nail trends right now. It's a hot look for summer, and it looks really cool. When I say seashell nail, I don't mean just putting seashell applique. I mean shaping your nail into an actual seashell! 

I achieved this look using sculpting gel. I first laid down some colors on my nail and muted them with a thin coat of white. I then took clear sculpting gel and drew lines down my nail, fanning it out like a shell. It's easy to do since you just follow the shape of your nail. I flash cured each line to keep it in place before curing it for a full 30 seconds when I was done. I made it wider near the tip of the nail and thinner as I went down. I hit it with a coat of iridescent mermaid powder, but you can't really tell in the picture. It looks cool in the light, though! 

I know I said I wasn't into 3D nail art anymore, but when I paired it with this look I LOOOOOVED it. I also got to use some of my crushed shells on the other fingers. This look is inspired by this nail design by ( on Instagram). 

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