This Week's Nails: Black Like My Heart

by - 2/13/2017

Valentines Day isn't my favorite holiday. In fact, some of the worst times of my life have happened on or around Valentine's Day. Remind me to tell you some stories later...But anyway, despite that, I can't resist doing a theme on my nails. This year, though, I'm feeling kind of lazy, and I want to get back into using regular nail polish for a little while. That found me dipping into my Nails Inc. collection. I had forgotten about this black polish with a bit of holo in it from Nails Inc. called Disco Lane. I'm pretty sure it came in a set of four that came out around the holidays many years ago, so I'm not sure if they still make it or not. I also topped one of my nails with loose glitter that I got in the craft section of Walmart, and because I can't resist, I topped that with a couple of nail stickers. 

The nail stickers didn't last more than a day, and the top coat didn't want to stay on the glitter, so this entire mani needed to be taken off in two days time. No biggie, though, because it didn't take long to do at all. I forgot how quick manis are with regular polish! On to the next design! 

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