Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

by - 8/09/2016

Masochist and Androgyny

My newest obsession lately has been with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I knew about him and his products, but I had never tried them. When I saw his Skin Frost highlighters, I died. Of course they were sold out by the time I discovered it, so I opted for some lip velours. I love matte lip products, and especially products that are long-lasting.
According to the website: "Our liquid lipstick goes on opaque, dries completely matte and stays on for hours! This product is 100% vegan & cruelty-free! (tips before use: exfoliate then apply to bare lips! Avoid food with oil… and no making out, kisses are ok!)" The product is also paraben and gluten-free. 

Let's break it down one by one. 

"Our liquid lipstick goes on opaque..." 

Yes. Yes it does. In fact, I can get full lip coverage with just one dip of the brush, which is amazing. I do go over it a second time, just for good measure. 

"...dries completely matte..." 

The product dries really, really fast, and very matte. There is no shine. But it's not drying on the lips like a lot of other matte lip products. 

"...stays on for hours!"

This product survives drinking out of a straw, a glass, a bottle, a can, and barely even budges. Eating food is a different story. Like it advises, stay away from oily food. But even if you do, as long as you're not wiping your mouth vigorously, you'll still have product on when you're done. If you are, say, going out with the girls for drinks, this is that product you'd want to put on. If you're hitting up a buffet, you might be disappointed. Just sayin'.

Let's look at the wand.

It's a doefoot, but its slanted slightly, so it really hugs the curve of the lip nicely.

I have a total of six liquid lipsticks so far. I had to buy them two at a time because only a few at a time come in stock at once. My first purchase was Masochist and Androgyny. 

Online, it looks much, much different on the lips. It looks like a deep plum/mauve color. On my lips, it's almost a bit bluer. I guess that has to do with my skin tone. Even with a base of foundation on my lips first, it still looks more on the cool side. I'm totally okay with that, though, and it's quickly become my favorite lipstick. 

Masochist is a beautiful pinky-red color. It's super vibrant, perfect for summertime. I obviously had a hard time applying it for some reason, please ignore that. The only negative thing about this particular color is that it stains. This won't come off of your lips for a while. You could always use the men's shaving cream trick to get it off (I haven't personally tried it). 

The next round of colors I got was Unicorn Blood and Dominatrix. 

Dominatrix and Unicorn Blood
Unicorn Blood
I was unsure how dark Unicorn Blood would actually be, as it looked really dark on the website, but more red on other people's swatches. On me, it looks like this. This color is great, like a deep wine color, and it doesn't stain. 

Dominatrix is not an everyday color, that's for sure. I'm not even sure when I would use this color, to tell you the truth. But I don't think it looks terrible on me, and I think with the right makeup, I can make this work. I think I'll save this for the fall, though. 

My last purchase so far was Mannequin and Rose Matter. I wanted Celebrity Skin, but it sold out before I could get to it.

Mannequin and Rose Matter 
I'm on the fence about Mannequin. It's a true nude on me, but I'm not sure if I match in nude. I like color, you know? But, It's a nice change of pace. 

Rose Matter
Rose Matter is to die for. It has quickly become my everyday shade (in competition with Androgyny). 

What I love about this product is that the formula feels the same with every product. It does have a smell, but it's not overwhelming. I find that the smell kind of varies. For example, Rose Matter smells a bit like cotton candy, and Unicorn Blood smells like licorice. That's just me, probably. But yes, there is a smell. Although it is matte, it does not feel drying on the lips like some other matte lip products, which is another plus. 

The price is $18.00 online, and you can only purchase it from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, and select online retailers. I have not heard of any store that sells it. I know that this summer he has sold his products at the Warped Tour, though. The liquid lipsticks run about the same price as a MAC lipstick and the Jill Stuart lipsticks I got in Japan.  It's certainly not drug store priced, but it's not going to break the bank either. And considering how opaque it is, you won't need to use a lot of product, therefore it will last you longer.

I know this post is happening right after the latest drama between Jeffree and Kat Von D, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding him. A lot of people are boycotting his products and throwing away what they already have. I'm just gonna keep it real and say that I'm not about to do that. I don't have money to throw away. Jeffree may not be the nicest person in the world, but we can't all be Mr. Rogers or Mother Theresa. Someone's personality flaws isn't going to stop me from buying their products, because if it did, I wouldn't be buying anything. Nobody is perfect. 

My bottom line is this: the product is long lasting, opaque, not sticky, not drying, not terribly expensive, and the colors are gorgeous. That ticks off all my boxes, and satisfies me as a consumer. 

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