Beauteque April 2016 BB Bag

by - 7/27/2016

I finally decided to subscribe to a monthly Korean beauty service so I didn't continue to go crazy on the Jolse website. I did a lot of research on which service would fit me best (there are sooooo many out there!), but decided that the monthly BB Bag from Beauteque was the best for me. This bag costs $27.97 month (including shipping. You can pay monthly, ever three months, every six months, or for the entire year), and includes six to eight full size products! The value of the boxes range somewhere between $65.00 and $85.00, according to the website. 

The first bag I received was in May, and it was for the April BB bag. Each bag has a theme, and April's theme was "Big City." Each bag comes with a printout that outlines what products are inside and how to use them, as most of the time there are no English instructions. 

You don't only get skincare goodies, you also get makeup products, nail products, and even tools! 

So this is the bag that was included in the set. It's a good size, but nothing too spectacular about it. Just a pink bag. 

Dr. Morita Moisturizing Essence Eye Mask ($9.00)

I've recently become aware of how old my eyes are starting to look, so I was excited to get an eye patch product in this bag! I've used just about all of it by now. I can't honestly say that I see a difference because I've only used this product sporadically, but it does feel nice on. 

Toyoepin 2 in 1 Permanent Crazy Mini Natural False Lash ($7.99)

I got lashes in this bag, which is fine by me because I love lashes, and these are really nice and natural looking. I haven't tried them out yet, but I'm concerned since they're so "crazy" and also...permanent? 

Mango Magic Brightening Mask ($21.00)

This product is a brightening wash that kind of foams up on your skin. You put it on after you wash your face, and let it sit for two minutes while it does its thang. It's supposed to be shaped like a mango and smell like mango, but honestly it smells pretty awful to me and not like mango at all. It has a medicated smell that I don't dig. It also doesn't foam the way that I thought it would. I was expecting something like the Elizavecca Milky Piggy mask, but it doesn't really foam up at all. However, the product does make my face brighter, so it is worth using. 

Somoon Dog Nose Pore 3 Step Pack ($5.99)

I LOVE pore strips, and this was my first time trying out a three-step product.This takes a lot of time as you have to let these patches sit for a while. The first patch opens your pores, the second patch removes the gunk, and the third step soothes. The product did not work as well as a Bioré Clear Pore Strip, as I did not see a lot of sebaceous filaments as much as I saw baby hairs. However, the soothing patch was SO nice. It was like jelly, and it felt so so so so good! I wish Bioré had that included with their pore strips!

Seatree Art Moisture Mist ($10.99)

This is a refreshing spritzer for your face, which is also makeup friendly. I've used it a couple of times (it is very hot here right now), but I don't take it with me everywhere, and I don't really see myself using this product until it's gone. It's also pretty expensive for the amount of product you actually get, in my opinion. 

The Saem Saemmul Easy Eyeliner ($9.99)

I also got a black eyeliner, which is your standard black self-sharpening liner. Not a whole lot to say about that. Doesn't smudge very well.

And that is it for my first BB Bag! I really like this service, and I didn't hate any of the products that I got. I opted for the monthly renewal, so I can cancel whenever I want. The only strange thing about this particular service is the shipping times. If you signed up at a certain time of the month, that determines when you receive your bag. So the bags only go out twice a month, at the beginning, and near the end. So it's kind of annoying. If you're thinking of signing up for this service, make sure you read the FAQ and pick a sign up date that will get you your bag at the time of the month that you want it.

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