This Weeks Nails: Pastel Marble

by - 6/14/2016

So, in my head I had the idea that I could get my nails to look like those precious stone beads. You know, the ones that kind of look like glass, kinda look like amethyst? I'm not sure if that's what I ultimately ended up with, but it wasn't bad. I used sharpies for this design and tried two methods: 1. dipping the brush into acetone to blend the colors; and 2: spraying the nail directly with acetone. I think I liked a combination of the two, as using the brush made it easier to get some of the veiny patterns, while spraying it made the colors blend more smoothly. 

I started out with a white base, but I think next time I will start with a pale color of whatever my palette is going to be before adding the sharpie. I think I would get more depth that way. Anyone have any thoughts, or other methods that they use?

BTW, that bow was really cute, but super annoying. 

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