This Weeks Nails: Valentines Nails

by - 2/12/2016

I'm not the hugest fan of Valentines Day, and the nail designs bore me because they usually consist of hearts, hearts and more hearts. I noticed the trend with Japanese gel nails for Valentines Day was based heavily on designs that looked like chocolates, and I really liked that idea! It was unconventional, and really cute. So I went with chocolate for my nails. 

I really like the dripping chocolate, and although I do have a heart, I tried to make it look like a cherry cordial. For some reason, though, that particular foil really hates me. So it looks pretty meh. For my pinky and thumb, I drizzled some "chocolate" over a pink "candy." Fun!

The other thing about these nails is...I didn't have brown polish. So I had to mix my own, in two different shades. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

I also decided to do my nieces nails since she was spending the night. I used some pieces that I made in the silicone molds, but I discovered that they kind of melted with regular nail polish. I'm still not sure if it would work with gel nails. I'll figure that one out later. 

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