This Week's Nails: Snowflakes, Wreaths and Christmas Trees

by - 12/15/2015

I really, really love this manicure. Like, love it. I feel like after my first Christmas nail design and it going wrong, this made up for it. I managed to do a proper ombre, and I also successfully stamped! I am rubbish at stamping, but it worked out this time! I took inspiration from one of the Japanese nail salons I follow on Instagram (for the life of me I can't remember who). 

Look at the snowflakes! Look at the wreath! And I am very pleased with my french tips! I love the contrast of the bright red and the soft white. On my other hand, It's almost the same, except my ring finger has a Christmas tree made of pearls, rhinestones and gold (like my thumb), with a gold star on top! I wish I had saved this design for actual Christmas...maybe I'll just do it again. That's how much I love it!

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