Eating House 1849

by - 11/20/2015

Eating House 1849 is located at the Shops at Kukuiula, a kind of upscale shopping center in Poipu catered to the tourists. Strange name, don't you think? What's with the 1849? What does it all mean? According to the website: "The Eating House 1849 pays homage to Hawaii’s vibrant culinary heritage, a nod to restaurateurs like Peter Fernandez who, the story goes, opened one of the first restaurants in Hawaii, called the Eating House, back in the mid-1800s, using what was available from local farmers, ranchers, foragers and fishermen." so, 1849 is a nod to the very first restaurant that opened in Hawaii. 

Eating House is owned by Chef Roy Yamaguchi, who is famous for Roy's, as well as The Tavern (which was short lived on the north shore of Kauai). Roy's is known for being an upscale, fancier restaurant, but Eating House has a much more relaxed atmosphere. Nobody was dressed fancy (not that they do on Kauai anyway), it's definitely more of a casual dress kind of place. Kevin and I went here for our second wedding anniversary (wayyyy back in July, this is a really late post!). I didn't get many shots of the interior, I was definitely more interested in the food. 

The restaurant is located upstairs, so it gives you a really great view of the sunset, if you're facing that direction. there were many tables that benefited from the view, so if you want a sunset view I would definitely ask to be seated on the correct side for that. The decor has that old Hawaii plantation feel, rustic yet modern. 

We started out with drinks, of which I did not take any pictures. We also got two appetizers, the huli huli style spicy pork belly, and a classic Caesar salad. 

Huli huli style spicy pork belly
 Kevin was concerned that the pork belly was going to be too spicy, because it had a gochujang sauce (korean hot pepper paste), but it was very mild and it was really flavorful! 

Classic Caesar
The Caesar salad was nice and came with nicely toasted garlic bread. For the entree, I opted for the chicken kamameshi, which is like a donburi, and comes in a stone bowl. "Kama" means iron bowl, and meshi means food, so basically it means food cooked in an iron pot. This pot, however, was stone I believe. You can get the kamameshi with chicken, or you can choose from three different types of fish. I do not like cooked fish, so I opted for the chicken.

Kevin got the ribeye steak with chimichurri and a demiglace, which came with these potatoes on the side in a tomato based sauce that tasted slightly like salsa. 

Because it was our anniversary, we got a free dessert! this was like a rice krispy treat with chocolate in the middle and a caramely sauce on top. The white sauce on the bottom I think was haupia (this is why I need to blog things in a timely manner. I forget everything). It was alright, not exactly as crunchy as it should have been, but hey, it was free. Not complaining. 

The location of the restaurant is very pretty, the prices aren't that bad (although this is definitely not a cheap place), and the food is good. The only thing I hate about the location is that the parking lot is always ridiculously full. It took a while to find parking, so factor that in if you have a reservation. Oh, also, make a reservation. That is definitely helpful. This place is also good for large parties, but keep in mind that is is open air, so if it is a hot or cold night, you need to plan for that.

Let's talk prices. The appetizers on the menu range from $9.00 to $18.00, and are enough for two, maybe three people. Entrees range from $18.00 to $42.00, as well as items at market price. The menu is really diverse, and I appreciate that it's not seafood-heavy like a lot of other restaurants. There are options like you would get at a family party, such as lumpia and sashimi and Portuguese bean soup, which gives it a nice down home kind of feel. Overall, the prices aren't that bad, considering this is a Roy's restaurant, and the food is great. 

Eating House 1849 is a nice mix of casual and fine dining. If you're looking for something in between and are tired of eating at Dukes or the Bull Shed, definitely check this place out. Also, Oahu people! You will be able to get a taste of this place soon, I just heard on the news last night that Roy will be opening up an Eating House 1849 somewhere over there!

Eating House 1849
Shops At Kukuiula
2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka Road
Koloa, HI 96756
Open Nightly for Dinner
5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

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