Day 1: Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights

by - 11/28/2014

Nothing opens early in Japan. Stores and restaurants open at 10 or 11 a.m. here. So waking up at 5:00 a.m. means that you have a lot of time to do nothing. And I failed to buy food for myself the night before, so I was pretty damn hungry. So me and Kevin ventured to McDonalds across the street since it was the only thing that was open.

McDonalds breakfast is weird in Japan. They have things I have never seen, including a hot dog. I opted for this thing that looked like a giant chicken nugget sandwich.

So, this thing had cheese, egg, hollandaise sauce, and and alarming amount of ketchup. It tasted good, but I could have done without the ketchup. I also got a coffee, and I don't know why I did that, because I don't even like coffee. I think it was so early, I was jet lagged, and was stumped because there was no fruit punch (a standard in Hawaii in every fast food establishment), so I spouted the most normal thing that came to mind. We had a lot of time before we headed to USJ, but nothing was open, so we hung around some more in the room before heading to Loft. It wasn't open, so I popped into the shopping arcade and got some cosmetics to kill time.

Lash swag.
After Loft, we dumped our purchases in the room and got some food from Takashimaya:

It was at this time that house keeping knocked on the door. Kevin tried to tell them that we were eating and to come back later, but they spoke no English whatsoever. They seemed relieved when they saw me, an Asian, expecting me to speak Japanese. I managed a far too casual "ato de ne," and a "sumimasen." They understood, and reminded us to turn off the button that said "make up room." 

We rested a bit more before finally heading out to USJ. I usually try to avoid going to theme parks on weekends because crowds are crazy and I don't like people. But I put my anxiety aside for this one night, because it was Halloween season. And Halloween season at USJ and Universal Studios in America means one thing...Halloween Horror Nights. 

I love scary movies and scary things in general. Hell, I run a website dedicated to scary and unexplained events in Hawaii. So of course I am going to want to experience "horror" at a theme park! Kevin and I went around 4:00 p.m. to USJ because the festivities didn't start until 6:00 p.m. We decided to kill time by riding The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman 3-D ride. It took about an hour and a half to get through the line, and when we exited the ride, we were greeted by chaos. 

It was like walking out into a zombie apocalypse. There were crowds of people everywhere, but there were also SWAT type guys running through the park, zombies everywhere, and explosions. I believe USJ was going for a Biohazard-type apocalypse, as this year they featured their ever-popular Biohazard the Real attraction, where you get to shoot "real" zombies! What I mean is, you go through different stages in a group and shoot actors dressed as zombies, while your arm band tells you how much health you have left and if you have been infected. Kevin and I were dying to do it, but there was no way we would get in with that line. So I just snapped a picture. 

Every area had a different zombie attraction of some sort, which was just repeated over and over. There was a "zombie attack" in one area, and in most areas zombies just wandered around scaring people. 

In the Jurassic Park area of the park, this guy was walking around:

I love that this girl is touching his ass. lol
He spit at people (water I'm sure...I hope) as he walked by. It was pretty awesome. But not as awesome as if there had been were zombie Velociraptors or T-Rex's walking around. 

There were also signs indicating zombie zones so as not to scare your young children. The small kid part of the park remained as normal; no zombie Hello Kitty or Zombie Snoopy walking around.

 Here's some more photos of more zombie fun:

Kevin and I rounded out our night with Spiderman bread (Spiderpan? lol). Mine was charsiu and his was pizza.

There was also Biohazard themed foods!

In all, I had a really great time. It wasn't very scary, but it was certainly entertaining watching people screaming and running away. Also fun, people go in costume to the park for Halloween. Not all, but a lot do. This place is like my paradise! Here's a video of the action in case you were curious:

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