Europe 2001: London

by - 10/05/2014

Traveling to Europe from Hawaii takes days. I think it took almost two days to get to England. I can't remember how many layovers we had, but it was somewhere around three, at the very least. When we finally arrived at London Gatwick International Airport, we were exhausted and disgusting. But the first thing they made us do was go on a damn tour. So, we went to Windsor Royal Village. From what I remember, the surrounding area was pretty touristy with touristy shops. But we got to tour the castle, which was neat. 

So many busses!

16 year old me.

Little did I know that this guy would later become my husband.

Finally we got to go to the hotel, which was the Barbican Hotel. I think we ate dinner, and then later that night, we went to the West End to the Strand Theater to watch the production of Buddy. I really love musical theater, and if I wasn't so exhausted, I'm sure I really would have enjoyed that show. But towards the end I completely fell asleep, and I don't know how that was even possible because the end of the show was basically a concert.

We stayed about three days in London. The following day, we played a concert in a park somewhere, and then had some free time to ourselves. Me and some friends decided to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. It was PACKED with people. And I'm going to be completely was extremely boring. At least to a 16-year-old, it was. But I think even if I went now and saw it, I would still be bored out of my mind. There were people near the statue that were constantly shooing people off of it and making them sit on the ground. I would hate to be those people. 

Obligatory picture while in London
Our last day in London (I think) we went to the Tower of London. I don't think we actually went in it, but we just kinda hung around it. You know the place, where people went and lost their heads and all that good stuff. It had a great view of the London Bridge, though.

Other things we did was wonder around Picadilly (got completely lost) and Coventry Gardens, and we did a bit of a bus tour and saw a lot of the city. The only reason I managed to get everyone I was with un-lost is because I was totally fascinated by all of the shop signs, and made mental notes of them for some weird reason.

It was covered with poop. And it was hard to get up there.

I have no idea what this is. An opera house?

Westminster Abbey
Okay so here's the deal. Remember how I said that this was the days before digital cameras? Well, I loaded my camera wrong. The last day in London, I loaded my camera wrong. So I have no pictures of Parliament, and other things that we saw that day. Tragic, I know. So sadly, this is all there is of London. :( 

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