Thresholds: Hawaii Ambassadors of Music

by - 8/25/2014

When I was 16, I got the chance to go to Europe through my school band with the Ambassadors of Music program for the State of Hawaii. This was an opportunity made possible through Voyageurs International Ltd. (more info on them here).  This meant that a bunch of different high school bands from all over Hawaii got to go together, as one big band, to Europe to play music. How amazing is that? All three public high schools on Kauai got to participate, and there were also schools from Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. From Kauai, there were maybe about 20 of us that went on this trip, and every week we would all get together at my high school's band room to practice. The music we played ranged from patriotic American, to Hawaiian (there were hula dancers that came to entertain as well), and a small jazz band.

We went to seven different European countries in this order: England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Germany. Italy and Lichtenstein were only day trips, though. We would spend prolonged periods of time in the other countries. We went from July 6, 2001 until July 22, 2001. Yeah, this was quite a while ago! So I apologize in advance for the pictures. This was before the days of digital cameras. In fact, only one kid had a digital camera on the entire trip, and it was a 3.0mpx, and he left it in a London taxi on the first or second day of the trip. lol I touched up the pictures as best I could in Lightroom, so bear with me!

 I managed to dig up the old itinerary that we got, so I'm going to try and describe the things from there and recall things from memory as well. So again...bear with me!

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