Airport and Airplane Tips

Traveling can be extremely stressful. Some people turn into monsters when they are in an airport, and even the most mild mannered grandma can turn into a raging lunatic once they cross the threshold of a security checkpoint. I used to work at TSA, so believe me, I have seen it all. Here are some tips to alleviate the stress of airports, and how to stay fresh while on the airplane. 
  • Wear slip-on shoes. This will help you get through the checkpoint faster, believe me. And it will get you out of the way of other passengers quicker, and will help avoid a traffic jam in the checkpoint. 
  • Remove your electronics and liquids. Yeah, I know that this is what they tell you to do at the airport. But some people just don't do it, and then they make their time in checkpoint even longer because they didn't listen to instructions, and then they get all bent out of shape over something that is their fault. Just take the liquids out of your bag. It isn't hard. And while you are at it, take out your laptop. Just put it in the bin and move on your way. And on that note, water is a liquid. Someone tried to argue with my husband that water was not a liquid, it was water. Like it was a completely different classification. I shit you not, I couldn't make that up. 
  • Dress comfortably. Of course, you probably didn't need me to tell you that. When I traveled to Japan, I wore a sweater dress, leggings, and slip on shoes. I also brought with me an infinity scarf. It can get cold on the airplane! But it is also a nice accessory when you get off the plane. Don't confuse comfort with PJ's, now. Let's keep it classy. 
  • Fill out the forms. When you leave for Japan, they will hand out these customs forms on the airplane. Make sure you do both the back AND the front of it, or else when you get to the customs checkpoint at the airport, they will make you go out of the line to fill out what you missed and you will have to stand in line all over again. This happened to my husband after I told him to fill everything out, good thing the line was short! 
  • Stay organized. It's very easy to lose a boarding pass or driver's license in the bottomless pit that is a woman's purse. Using a travel wallet, such as this one from Modcloth, is a great way to keep your currency, ID, passport, and boarding tickets together in one place. 
  • Have lots of room. A small handbag isn't going to cut it at the airport especially when you are going to be lugging around big suitcases. A handbag dangling off of your arm is not practical in a situation like this. Get a crossbody bag, or a backpack. Hautelook has great deals on bags all the time (you need to sign up, but it's totally worth it). I just got this backpack for my next trip: 
    Take something that you can use without worrying about having to carry it with your hands. And make sure you have a lot of room because you never know what you might pick up at the duty free store!
  • UPDATE on this backpack: If I could have used another backpack, I would have. The straps were thin and painful, the flap was annoying, but most annoying of all was the drawstring. I recommend something with softer, maybe even padded shoulder straps, and a zip top for much easier access. 
  • Keep it fresh. All it takes is someone with really bad BO to stink up an entire airplane. Let's avoid that happening by keeping it fresh! There are really handy things nowadays, like deodorant wipes the size of wet naps and things of that nature. I purchased this travel kit from La Fresh to take on the airplane.

    It contains the following:

  • Facial Cleansing Wipes 
  • Nail Polish Remover Pads 
  • Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes 
  • Makeup Remover Wipes 
  • Female Hygiene Wipes 
  • Antiperspirant Wipes for Women 
  • Carry-on friendly portable bag
The bag actually contains a lot of things, and you might be better off with the smaller version. But these are definitely things you can keep in your purse all the time, and even use them for times when you aren't traveling and are just out all day or something like that. 
  • Take care of your face! Airplane have very dry air that continues to be circulated. if you have very sensitive skin, like me, you are going to have to take extra precautions. To keep my face fresh, I really like the tips provided by Michelle Phan in this video she did: 

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